DEG Direct Response produced this great 2 minute spot, now in testing nationally. So far results are positive for this terrific cell phone accessory.

This was one of a campaign of spots produced for HomeServe. This featured their CEO, with good success. A well written script, nice production values and post-production of the material yielded a great spot. Produced by DEG Direct Response

This fun, involved spot creative for home warranty insurance client, HomeServe, features a heartwarming concept, great cast, good production values and photography. This was a fun one!

A really gorgeous looking spot for this growing brand.

Another in a long line of successful spots for this growing national brand.

A drive to retail 15 second with a nice story, photography and style. Great talent really pulled this together as well.

One of several spots produced for this great dietary supplement brand. The goal is to drive both web leads and store traffic. Interesting creative and execution. Produced by DEG Direct Response.

This great storytelling spot features a really nice concept and script by our client, Ralph Suarez. The strong creative was brought to life by our great Director/DP, Sean Tracy. He did a wondering job telling the story with our terrific cast.

This new 60 second produced by DEG Direct Response features a new message, VO, and post-production treatment.

DEG Direct Response produced this spot for an amazing new tactical flashlight item. We shot it with a handgun, we dragged it through saltwater, we dropped it from a drone, ran over it with a loaded tanker firetruck and it still works now. Great item, impactful spot. About to start testing...

This drive to retail spot features a great look, creative direction, and talent. Produced by DEG Direct Response.

We're proud of the post-production execution of this spot because it melds testimonials, classic radio clips, music, and motion graphics to great effect.

This is another one in a large series of social media videos we've produced for United Healthcare brand, Orthology. This one features a senior aged gentleman, Steve, and it tells his story of treatment success with the company. Captioned for social media platforms.

This incredible cushion is close to roll out and the spot has performed very well in testing.

We had a ball producing, casting and shooting this spot. Our DP/Director got us great looking images and it will hopefully be a big winner!

This video features a terrific, competitive dancer's story of how Orthology helped her get back to what she loves to do. Produced by DEG Direct Response.

This social media video produced by DEG Direct Response is one of many videos we've produced for our health services client, Orthology. This is a short version cut from a longer video, featuring an emotional portrayal of a dedicated provider, Amanda.

One of large series of social media videos DEG produced for it's valued client, Orthology. This one features some of their incredible care providers talking about their process and results.

DEG Direct Response just finished this new, updated offer version for the Pet Pain Away campaign. This spot should take this rolled out continuity offer to a new level! This product is truly effective for pets of all ages & breeds.

A good example of the production quality possible with DEG; quality on-screen talent, high-end 4K production, a one of a kind location, etc.

This Brand Response, lead generation spot for our valued client Orthology features a large cast, excellent photography, and post-production work.

This lead generation spot has tested very well. It has a mix of testimonials, b-roll, graphics and other elements.

DEG Direct Response produced this social media video as one of 10 videos for this project. The video features an emotional story of physical therapy success by a patient of Orthology.

This 30 second social media video for our valued client, Othology features a therapist/provider as she details her approach to treating patients. One of 10 videos produced for this project.

One in a series of social media videos we produced for our valued client Orthology. The videos feature real, heart-felt stories in their own words from patients and providers, b-roll, etc. Produced & Directed by John Briccetti @ DEG Direct Response. This story focuses on a professional ballet dancer's unique experience with Orthology.

Weight loss lead generations offer featuring a medical doctor as host.

This 2 minute spot is currently testing and features a lovely host, strong visual demos, a product animation and terrific motion graphics.

This direct response 2 minute spot by DEG Direct Response features wonderful host talent, product demos and post-production. This revolutionary refrigerator organizing item is about to test on TV and our fingers are crossed. The people who make the item are really good folks!

This social media video was one of several for this category leading retail brand. They asked DEG Direct Response to produce social media videos that would cut through and seem authentic. The videos were a huge success aimed at the tween market with over 200,000 views and counting, driving robust retail sales.

This lead generation / branding spot for Orthology was produced by DEG Direct Response and has been quite successful driving leads for this growing brand.