This motion graphics spot for our valued client SEE International is one of many we've produced for this worthy charity that restores sight to the blind. DEG Direct Response is proud of this creative animated spot that lays out the good work the organization does and how viewers can help.

This DRTV spot produced by DEG Direct Response for our valued client, Aspen Dental features an excellent talent, simple but bold set design and strong edit style. This offer should be a real winner based on the spot and the value it represents in the category.

This DEG Direct Response produced 15 second spot was one of several creatives, in several length formats. This lead generation campaign is aimed at generating huge lead volume for this valued client.

A clever creative for this legal lead generation offer. Nice concept, scripting and talent pulled this one off. Produced by DEG Direct Response.

This 60 was one of several spots produced for this great MA company that helps make homes more energy efficient. Excellent script and talent helped put this over the top.

This beauty DR spot features a great script, clever direction and fabulous, beautiful talent. We're proud of how this hair care spot came out and hope it's a big winner!

This Direct Response spot produced by DEG Direct Response features terrific demos and b-roll for this new approach to the lantern.

This one produced by DEG Direct Response features a clever creative, nice animated sequence, strong talent and post-production execution. This brand is available in virtually all pharmacies and this spot works as both a Direct and Retail sales generator.

This spot featuring Dr. Jeff Levenson is another terrific example of DEG's strong creative, production resources and post-production prowess. This charity is one of kind, providing free eye surgeries for people in need.

This is the show that's stood the test of time with over 12 years on air, still producing sales for our spin-off company Future of Fishing. It's got some of the best fishing demo's ever in an infomercial, solid creative approach and excitement that's off the charts.

This reality show pilot was produced by DEG Productions and was well received by major networks. The characters are fun and the production quality is high.

This direct response dietary supplement spot for Swanson features great elements and execution.

DEG created several spots for our valued client Rejuvenate and this spot featured a hybrid approach; b-roll, testimonials and fitness celebrity Denise Austin.

This DRTV spot by DEG Direct Response features a strong script, VO and post-production style. It's a unique weight loss approach that allows you to fast while you still take in small amounts of food.

DEG Direct Response produced this long form show for Anthem in 2020 with our valued client MMP and this clip features a doctor / patient interaction. This type of material is a common request of us in the time of Covid.

This long form show produced in conjunction with with a valued partner, features 3 camera studio production, b-roll, testimonials and terrific post-production provided by DEG Direct Response. The show was a total homerun that really pulled well.

This funny, effective spot for our valued home warranty insurance client HomeServe has a great creative concept, terrific talent and strong execution.

This was one of several new creatives we produced for valued client, Glacier Auto Insurance. This spot has a clever creative concept, strong script, and a terrific ensemble of talent. The post-production was pulled off with style and we hope it's a big winner for them!

This spanish langauge spot produced by DEG Direct Response features a great bi-lingual actress, with a great overall look and edit style.

This was one of several creatives featuring fitness celebrity and DRTV icon, Denise Austin. Our creative team provided a full service production from concepting to scritping, all shoot gear and crew and excellent post-production. Another campaign DEG Direct Response is proud to say is in heavy national rotation.

This 60 second spot produced by DEG Direct Response for national brand, Aspen Dental, features strong edit style, VO and overall execution.

This brand response spot for valued client, Glacier Auto Insurance features a terrific script, compelling talent and a slick overall style. DEG Direct Response has worked as a full service creative agency for this growing brand.

This is the latest in a long line of spots we've produced for valued client, New Vitality. This spot will air nationally in the US and features strong VO, scripting and edit execution. The product is the category leader in all major retailers.

This 2 minute spot was produced as a lead generation tool for this incredible organization. SEE actually provides free eye surgeries around the world for people who can't afford these life changing procedures. This came together with excellent writing, a soulful, warm VO read and artful post-production work.

This social media piece produced for our valued client KC Steaks, features mouth watering food footage, great post execution, VO, music and step by step instruction on how to cook the world's best steak.

This 30 second version was one of several formats for this launch of new product under the Ageless Male brand. Post-producton execution of the creative resulted in a strong spot with good performance.


This was a fun one. The spot turned out terrific and the product is even better. Best Filet Mignon you can find! Great scripting and post-production work on this one, with motion graphics that are quite outstanding.

DEG Direct Response produced a number of different versions of this creative for New Vitality brand Ageless Male. Edited remotely recently with strong VO, use of stock and motion graphics.

DEG Direct Response produced this host driven spot for valued client New Vitality brand, Super Beta Prostate. The product runs both DRTV spots and drive to retail spots. The brand is in most retail locations and is a category leader.