This 2 minute DRTV spot by DEG Direct Response features a really strong host, nice before and afters and a snappy edit style.

DEG Direct Response produced this Brand Response spot for our valued client Orthology, featuring a strong creative concept, great photography, music, talent and post-production execution by our talented editor.We love the health care category!

This spot has been highly effective in driving store traffic to pharmacies and providing increased sales. The spot features high-end photography, post-production and animation.

This cutting edge sleep aid product needed a powerful new DRTV spot that drives traffic to their web site. DEG provided complete creative, high-end production and post-production services to complete a full suite of spots in various formats. This product is broadly distributed and this campaign is helping drive further sales and market share.

This great 2 minute spot features terrific creative, wonderful talent, strong production and post-production values.

This new 2 minute short-form DRTV spot is currently in testing. Bendies are the first bendable kitchen utensil. Spot features clever demos, British VO Talent, great edit style and more.

This Brand Response 60 second spot was produced for our client Hansen Buildings as a Lead Generation vehicle, in various formats and features a strong presenter, motion graphics and overall style.

This 120 second spot produced by DEG Direct Response for this adorable product offer, features great adult and child talent, a breezy, fun creative approach and clever editing.

This new 60 second spot for our valued client Direct Response Media, Inc. will begin testing shortly. This hearing aid offer features a clever concept and script, great talent and production values. Produced by DEG Direct Response

This new creative for category leading prostate health product, UrinoZinc features a great concept and execution.

DEG Direct Response produced this new direct response 120 second spot for Switch N' Clean - a cleaning device and mop that makes cleaning easier and faster.

This new 2 minute short form exercise offer produced for National Express (NEI) features great fitness talent, a terrific host (Matt Titus) who's also the inventor, strong visuals and edit style. This item has shown promise in testing.

This is another web video produced on a reasonable budget that has high levels of creativity and production values.

This video was meant to be used as an effective means to cut through the clutter for this product offer. Good creative, production and post resulted in a compelling piece.

DEG Direct Response now has the capability to produce multi-camera live events on Facebook Live. This demo shows our team's expertise producing live streamed events that get huge viewership on reasonable budgets. Contact John Briccetti @ DEG for more info:

This 60 second version is one of several versions of this beautiful creative produced by DEG Direct Response for its client Orthology. This is the next round of spots in a brand response campaign that has performed extremely well.

This 120 second spot features high production value NYC street locations, emergency medical propping, great talent, etc. This is a continuation of our highly successful campaign for Orthology, featuring DEG creative and execution.

DEG Direct Response presents this incredible new pet product that actually relieves pain for pets in a fast, effective way. We believe in this product so much, we have our own pets on it and the results are truly amazing. When your pet feels great, you feel great! You can get the product @

This branding, drive to web spot for client CHC features a strong creative concept, great on-screen talent, and gorgeous photography. This is another example of DEG's strength in the Health Care category.

DEG Direct Response produced this 30 second as well as a 60 second spot version for this terrific, problem solving item. The spot effectively demos the problem and solution and efficiently displays the offer.

DEG Productions produced this version focusing on back pain. It's one of a series featuring strong creative, and a great overall look.

DEG Productions direct response division, DEG Direct Response produced a series of spots for the growing health care services brand, Orthology. The spots feature strong creative, testimonials, call to action and overall terrific post-production. The "look" is unique for this category and we're proud to show it off!

This spot is currently testing nationally as an extension of the venerable Vidalia line of kitchen products. Great location, talent, direction, demos and VO were used to create a great kitchen item spot.

DEG Direct Response produced a series of spots for this great, effective product. The various versions are currently in testing nationally. We're proud of how these came out; with strong testionials, edit style and graphics.

This 2 minute versions of the venerable Mighty Bite brand has been running heavily on DRTV and pulls well. Features our strong strike shots, host pitch and exciting b-roll shots.

This clever DRTV 2 minute spot produced by DEG, in association with our media partner JL Media, features a creative animated character, live action, great, real person testimonials, etc. It's a creative concept meant to break through the clutter.

This creative spot features a great concept, creative, production style, overall look and feel that show DEG's high-level of skill. The spot is pulling very well for our client.

This lead generation commercial features strong scripting, VO, product shots and post-production. The B&A's help push this over the top!

This DRTV pet spot produced by DEG Direct Response is testing now and features excellent pet talent, testimonials, graphics and editing. DEG loves working with pets, and this great item has a real chance at success. Produced for long-time DEG client, NEI.

This DRTV spot by DEG Direct Response is currently testing nationally. It features strong post-production, problem/solution, VO and graphics.