Riding the Changing Tide of Educational Media Production

As technology continues to change and evolve, educational media production is changing with it. More and more, the printed word is not printed at all, but put into electronic formats that save the publishing company distribution, printing and other costs. Many forward looking publishers are attempting to create platforms that allow today’s student, who were [...]

Bargain Basement Producer Anxiety

Although there are more and more good low-cost video production sources out there, there are also many inexperienced, low-quality choices. I can’t tell you how many times after just short conversations, new or prospective clients have said in effect, “I should have come to you earlier. I spent good money on a video or commercial [...]

Making It Look Easy – The “Production Process”

For some of you, this article might have information that isn’t “new to you”. But for many, it will be a primer for possible production work they are contemplating; so here it goes. I’m often asked by clients to explain “The Production Process” in detail. Very often I’ll include a cliff notes version of the process [...]

Ethical Leadership Course Launched

We have the pleasure of announcing that the Ethical Leadership MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from Boston University’s School of Theology has now launched. DEG Productions shot numerous interviews conducted by the course’s creator, Dr. Walter Fluker, with nationally known political, education and business leaders for this important project. Associated b-roll and other production elements were also shot, created and integrated into [...]

Taking Your Lead Gen To a New Level

We’ve noticed a misguided trend when it comes to the Direct Respone, lead generation market that follows an old maxim; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Many working direct response lead generation campaigns have a commercial that performs better than others in their rotation and are considered the ‘control’. You’ve seen these spots and [...]

Seasonal Product – Pros & Cons

There are many Pros & Cons when it comes to marketing seasonal products in the DRTV, International and retail spaces. By seasonal, I mean products that have a defined high and low season; such as upside down tomato plants in the gardening category (think Topsy Turvy Tomato) is Spring and Summer, comfy poncho’s in the [...]

Brand Response – Riding That Fine Line

It’s always challenging to serve two masters. Brand Response advertising is by its nature striving to achieve two disparate but related end goals. The Brand side seeks to present the product or company in a flattering, stylistic way that builds the case for the brand itself. The Response side is charged with the direct, but [...]

Book Audio Production – It Takes Time

Technology has played a big part, both positive and in some cases, negative, in the changing landscape of educational publishing. Even through constant staff and budget cuts for many of these companies, content in all areas is still being written in nearly the same volume as past years, but for some publisher’s the content exists [...]

Facebook Live – by DEG Direct Response

DEG Direct Response is now offering complete, turn-key production of large-scale, multi-camera streamed events on Facebook Live. This marketing and promotion channel is perfect for the brand or company that wants premium content served to their Facebook followers, as well as promotion on other social media platforms. As you’ll see from our demo, we’re partnered [...]