How it started

DEG, Inc. is at its foundation a full service video and media production company based in Westchester County, New York. Founded in 1984, DEG became one of the nation’s leading producers of educational video content and one of the tri-state area’s premier providers of spot, corporate and broadcast programs. Today DEG is one of the most robust educational producers in the country. DEG’s comprehensive team includes experts in both the health and guidance arena as well as core curriculum. We are at our heart creative producers and bring this expertise to bear on both our internal and external projects.


We have won countless industry and consumer awards. Our creative, production team has been together for many years, producing compelling stories and messaging.

Our talented team of production professionals that make up DEG are truly our greatest resource. This is what gives us the ability to consistently produce programs that exceed our client’s creative and technical expectations.


The team

John Briccetti
Co-Pres./Exec. Producer
As a Producer, he has managed countless national brand and DRTV commercial projects, educational and corporate video, audio and new media initiatives. Many of his short-form, brand and long-form productions have been large scale success stories producing tens of millions in sales. He has also produced broadcast news and television series as well. His entrepreneurial spirit and instincts are always available to clients and colleagues alike. He is also the co-inventor of the Mighty Bite Fishing Lure System, which was recently awarded its utility patent. The product sells throughout the world with over 6 million lures sold to date in over 12 countries including its strong presence in the US market. The knowledge and passion he brings to each and every production manifests itself in unique, quality finished products.
Dan Sladkus
Co-Pres/Exec. Producer
He founded Deerfield Productions, Inc. in 1984, which merged with SmartPros LTD. a publicly traded company in 1999, and built the company into one of the most active production houses on the east coast. In 2005 as an outgrowth of Deerfield ’s success, DEG was formed with partner John Briccetti, focused on producing successful Advertising, Corporate, Broadcast and dynamic educational media products.
Dianne McGuire
Production Manager
From Dianne's past at Quest Media Entertainment, NYC's Fashion Week, Magno Sound and Video, and others - she bring attention to detail and strong organizational skills that are important to the success of any production initiative. She has consistently applied her skills of scheduling, location scouting, casting and crew and production management on DEG’s many large-scale projects. Dianne is also extremely well versed in all manner of Big Pharma production. Her calm demeanor is also appreciated on every production.
Vanessa Pileggi
Production Mgr - W. Coast
Vanessa has been involved with DEG for many years as it’s East Coast Production Manager. Currently she functions as our West Coast representative who’s ready and willing to organize and plan any production in that region. Her background managing large scale educational & corporate video projects, as well as National Direct Response and Brand productions, makes her a seasoned veteran in these areas. Vanessa is able to juggle many different aspects of a project, from casting, to crew scheduling, equipment rentals, etc. Vanessa has a pleasant personal quality that’s hard to match and inspires confidence on set and off.

Peter Mariuzza
Directory of Photography
Peter’s great strength as a Director of Photography is his artistic “eye”. With over 20 years of experience, his talent manifests itself in a natural knowledge of the properties of light and what it takes to make a shot beautiful. He’s worked on nearly every kind of project from 35mm film and HD national spots to feature length independent films, documentaries, long-form dramatic educational videos and everything in between. His work on award-winning feature and short films in recent years has garnered Peter a great deal of attention as a Director of Photography with a big-league future.
Jack Ellis
Project Mgr/Programmer
Jack Ellis is DEG’s lead programmer and New Media Project Manager. He spent the early part of his career focusing solely on educational media. His 10 years at Scholastic in its new media division, was followed by a number of years as a freelance producer for such educational publishers as Sunburst Communications and Human Relations Media. He produced educational videos on a broad range of subjects related to Staff Development, Health and Guidance and Core Curriculum areas.
Matthew Howe
Matthew's job as a cinematographer takes him around the country and the world, and into situations most will never experience. From landing on an aircraft carrier, cruising on a top-secret Swedish submarine 400 feet below the surface of the Baltic - he's done it all. His professional writing credits include TV work for the Discovery Channel and History Channel, numerous educational video scripts, and nearly 20 low to middle budget feature film script sales. Most recently he was hired to write Flying Fortress, a WWII action/adventure film for Grazia/Waxman productions.
Robert Fredette
Editor & Post-Prod SPVR
Focus: Broadcast and Commercial Projects Rob specializes in high-level video editing, graphic design, and audio mixing. Robert is versatile on any system: Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Adobe Encore. His style is adaptable for every project, working with Directors and Producers in all markets. He provides DEG’s clients the most professional, innovative, & low-stress post-production project management and hands on editing possible. Rob is a truly talented graphic artist as well, and as spots become more and more motion graphic focused, his skills help elevate DEG’s projects to a new level. His edit instincts are right on, providing a sophisticated sensibility and vision for each and every project.

Michael Meyerson
Editor & Post-Prod SPVR
Focus: Educational and Corporate Projects Michael provides DEG with a high level of experience managing and editing large scale educational projects with demanding deadlines and project flows. He generally works on an AVID editing system and his skills are often employed to handle on projects that span many months. He has provided flawless edit supervision on projects as large as 150 videos, managing all scheduling, editing, file preparation and mastering. Michael also has the temperament and sensitivity to cut educational videos with focused attention to all the instructional details publishers care about.